Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Trend Report: Double Denim

Hello Lovelies,

Today marks the beginning of weekly postings we will be doing on upcoming trends for the season. For those of you enjoying the colorful leaves and brisk temperatures of Autumn, we have some amazing new trends that are sure to warm up your wardrobe this season. The first trend of Fall that we will look at is Cool Denim. Unlike the denim trend of this summer, which featured primarily light washed double denim looks, a deep indigo shade of denim is in this fall. Not a huge fan of denim itself? No worries, this cool shade is also popular in everything from leather pants to cozy wool coats. Here are our trend fashion picks at both high and low prices, for whatever you fancy.


Blake Lively featured in Lucky

Fashion icon, Olivia Palermo

Essie "Declare Your Denim"

So get creative and have fun mixing in denim this Autumn, just as long as it doesn't come in the form of your 90's bellbottom overalls...unless your Jennifer Aniston, of course.

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