Monday, November 18, 2013

Winter Trend Picks

It's been a while since our last post, but despite our currently busy lives, we always have time for a quick trend report for the upcoming season. Here's our top fashion trends and picks for this Winter. Stay tuned for some street fashion posts next week :)


1. Felt Wide Brimmed Fedoras - hats are a necessity during the Winter months and now more fashionable than ever with the recent trend of wide brimmed fedoras, Indiana Jones style :) Try keeping them to cool winter tones and neutrals such as brown, black, grey, navy, or oxblood.

2. Oxblood Pants - Oxblood was a popular color trend last Autumn and it carried through to this Winter. Oxblood red pants are more popular than ever and add a pop of color that is appropriate for Fall and Winter. Mix with all black for a sophisticated and fun outfit. 

3. Textured Leather Pants/Flannels - this trend combo reminds us of Kate Moss in the best way. Mixing a nice oversized red flannel with a textured pair of leather pants is more fashionable than a simple pair of jeans and changes the entire outfit. Real leather is a tad on the expensive side, so don't shy away from faux leather options from our favorite stores like Zara or ASOS.  

4. Shearling Coats - Shearling is as fashionable as it is cozy during the cold Winter months. However, stay away from tan or camel shearling lined coats, as they can look very 70's (in a bad way). Black shearling and suede collar coats can pull together an outfit and provide some texture to an all black look.

5. Plum Lip - We love the plum lip trend this Winter. This was a trend back in the 90s and we remember digging through our Mom's makeup drawer and trying on all of her Bobbi Brown and M.A.C. plum lipsticks. It's a bold hue but not one to be feared. Mix it with natural makeup and a dark outfit for an optimal look. 

6. Over the Knee Boots - over the knee is the only way that I like my tall boots. They lengthen the appearance of our legs and look best in a flat-low heel in either black leather or suede. Avoid high skinny heels or a heel height above 2".

7. Winter White - white is a difficult trend to pull of in the winter, but if done correctly can look very elegant. White lace is a huge trend this Fall/Winter and looks best in a nice blouse or dress. If you like the look, focus on looking for a lace dress below the knee for your next holiday party. 

8. Cozy Knit Sweaters - no description needed. We live in these over the winter. Large, small, cropped...we don't care. They can be worn with anything and are comfortable, which is key. Our latest favorite look is an oversized sweater paired with a skirt, thigh high stockings or tights, and booties. 

9. Winter Pink - this is a new trend for Winter and is a nice play off of the classic "winter white". Stick to very pale pinks and match with either white or black for a fashionable look. Winter pinks tend to look best in sweaters, tops, or coats.