Saturday, October 26, 2013

90s Halloween

Happy Halloween!!!

We love this holiday almost as much as we loved the 90s, so in honor of both we've rounded up some fabulous throwback costumes based on our favorite 90s style icons! So if you're in need of a last minute cute costume or want to change your previous idea, we've got you covered.

Hope you have a fabulous and fashionable Halloween!

1. Classic 90s it-girl, Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the Bell. All you need is a cute crop top, floral mini skirt, giant plastic earrings that only your Barbie would wear, cut-off sweatshirt (remember those?) and a whole lot of hairspray. Oh and don't forget an oversized cell phone to round out the look.

2. THE SPICE GIRLS, no other words are needed. If you and your friends are looking for a fun group costume, go with the Spice Girls. You each get to dress up as your favorite Spice Girl from the past. Our favorite (no shocker) was always Posh and we still think Victoria Beckham is the greatest. 

3. If its a couples costume you are after, look no further than the most adorable couple of the 90s (or ever) Cory and Topanga from Boy Meets World. Even though we spent most of our time watching the show wondering why the creators thought to name her Topanga, we couldn't deny that she had the best hair and boyfriend on TV.  For this costume all you will need is a pair of doc martans (with socks), jean vest with white top, patterned skirt (butterflies encouraged) and your soulmate. Sounds easy enough..... Oh and a long honey blonde wig unless you're walking around with the worlds greatest hair (so that narrows it down to Topanga and Jennifer Aniston). 

3. So this is our super secret sister costume...but I guess we can share it with you all. Ever since we saw Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion, we have been planning on this costume for Halloween. For the best BFF (yikes...this really is a 90s post) costume go to your local thrift store and hunt down some metallic mini dresses, slip on heels, sparkly jewelry, and as much pink fuzz as you can find (boa's are acceptable). Make sure to order the "business woman's special" before you go out and pack post-its in your purse to prove you invented them. 

4. Now for the queen bee of the 90s, Cher Horowitz from Clueless! This is one of our favorite movies and a guaranteed best dressed costume because everybody loves Clueless. Find your best plaid mini skirt and best gal pals to dress as Dionne and Tai. For the look, platform ankle strap heels, knee high socks, headbands, and matching plaid blazers will pull the outfit together. Just don't be caught dead without your new designer handbag and flip phone...AS IF!

5. And finally...we save the best for last. They aren't a 90s duo specifically but who cares because they have always been our favorite sister duo. Mary-Kate and Ashley, of course! These girls dominated the 90s tween-style with platform heels, cardigans, patterned shift dresses, butterfly clips, and crimped hair. We copied every style trend they did (the good and the bad). So if you plan on dressing up with your look-alike sister and best friend this weekend, channel your best MK&A from either the past or the present. 

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